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Online booking quota is not a new quota offered by IRCTC but there are limited services that are provided by IRCTC. Not all quotas that are available with Indian Railways are possible to avail while booking online.

Railway reservation can be done in various ways but in broad terms these are:

IRCTC provide General Quota (GN), SS (Combined Quota), Ladies Quota (LD) and Tatkal Quota (CK) seats booking online. Other quota of Indian Railway are not available with IRCTC. Only above mentioned category is available to book ticket online and avail quota online.

In this regard, IRCTC and Indian Railway have difference. Indian Railway makes rules for reservation, quota and other parameters, however to implement facilities by IRCTC are different.

If any of facilities or services of Indian railway like Online quota are not available with IRCTC, then passengers need to visit counters, booking offices of Indian Railway or to other concerned person as may be directed by railway.

Passengers need not to confuse with IRCTC and Indian Railway as same entity. The governing body Indian Railway rules and facilities are much more in comparison to IRCTC. IRCTC only provides services online by introducing new facilities in its website.

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