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Disabled Persons Concession in Indian Railways

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The Indian railways are bringing new reforms and concessions to support the Indian society. They regularly update their prices and bring special reforms suitable with the present situations. The Indian railway support the persons with disabilities by granting special disabled person concession on their railway reservation ticket fare.

These special allowances can be availed from the ticket counters easily and have a comfortable journey in the trains. The orthopedically handicapped and the paraplegic persons are granted with a 50-75% concession as per the different classes in the trains. These concessions are available in mostly all the trains.

The escorts that are travelling with the Deaf & Dumb, blind and persons with other disabilities are also eligible to avail this concession. This concession has proved to be very important as it motivates these persons to travel freely and comfortably in the trains and explore their nation.

You can get more information on disabled passengers concession from the official website of Indian railways.

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