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Railways Reservation

Indian Railways is also known as the lifeline of the nation. Majority of the people use trains to travel from one place to other. Indian railways acts as a boon for the travelers with their easy reservation process at counters as well as online through IRCTC. From the country statistics it is known that the Indian nationals form the major population for travelling in the trains. The only thing they need to do is to get reservation on time.

The Indian railways also provide concession to the people of different categories while booking accommodation in trains. The persons suffering from cancer and travelling in the trains for their regular checkups and other medical examination can avail a concession of 100% on their tickets. The escorts travelling with the medical patients are also given a concession on their tickets for a smooth travel.

Indian railways also grants concession to the people who travel for attending the national events and the tours. The artists, sports person, scouts and guides and teachers are allowed to take the concession on their tickets.

A doctor or nurse travelling with Indian railway can avail a concession of 25% on the rail tickets. The railway concession is generally valid on all type of trains and mostly on all classes.

The students can avail a special token from the Indian railways. The students can get concession on their tickets when travelling to their home or for purpose as specified in this regard. These concessions are available for the educational tours as well foreign students can get concession on their tickets when visiting the cultural and historical places.

The artists and the film technicians who are travelling for making the films are also liable to avail these concessions. The concessions can be easily accessed from the Indian railways website and gives you an opportunity to make your travel more easy and comfortable.

The senior citizens are always respected by the Indian railways. A special opportunity is granted to them to have a smooth travel and take a off on their tickets. You can get detailed information on the railway concession from the Indian Railways website.

Category of Persons who can avail Concession

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